A Message From Our Principal…

Hello SBA Village!

In past years this would be a time, where the decorations and music, the excess of food everywhere and the extra energy in the air would make it clear that we have arrived at the final stage of our countdown till Christmas. Although that energy is not the same this year, the Advent season is upon us and we are called to hold on to the hope of Emmanuel, God among us.

A school, of course, has certain energy at all times, and during these last weeks before the holidays, it has been at a different level. Not only is everyone looking forward to the celebration of Christmas, but also the two-week Christmas break from classes.

We hope all of our families enjoy a very happy, rewarding, and safe holiday experience despite the COVID-19 state that we find ourselves in. It is my hope that we all commit to protecting ourselves and each other.

The theme of nurturing hope is being explored in Catholic Schools Across Ontario this year. Let us be thankful that unlike so many people in these uncertain times, we in the Catholic system can pivot on the hope of God among us.

The need to be intentional about nurturing this hope is more evident this year.  In these last few days of Advent, we will encounter daily readings preparing us for the arrival of Christ, our Hope. Hope conquers fear, any fear! It is my prayer that the hope of Emmanuel, God among us will melt whatever fears COVID-19 has evoked for each one of you. May the Advent preparations heighten your awareness and understanding of the hope we have in Christ.

In academics, social service, and community engagement, the St Brother Andre Catholic High School Community has continued its tradition of achieving excellence in numerous areas. When we look back at the events and activities of the last few months, it is very easy to focus on the negative instances. Instead, let us be intentional about taking time to reflect on those accomplishments we have had and dwell on them for a moment. Let us take pride in the many accomplishments and contributions of our staff, students and community.  As the African proverb says “the sun does not forget a village because it is too small” I urge each one of us to dwell on the accomplishments we have had during this difficult time no matter how small.

The upcoming months from January will give us the opportunity to expand on our tradition of excellence and service, to grow our success to include and involve even a wider spectrum of students and the broader community.   As we take the time to reflect upon and renew our goals, we commit ourselves to fulfilling the hopes God has for each of our lives.  May our

intentions and actions be rooted in the values of truth, justice, inclusion, respect, and responsibility.

On behalf of all of us here at St. Brother Andre Catholic High School, I want to wish all of you a joyous Christmas and wonderful New Year.

Merry Christmas!