The Arts program at SBA strives to tap into the creative potential and God-given talents of all of our students. We welcome students of all abilities: whether you come with experience or have never taken an arts course before, our caring and knowledgeable teachers will help you develop your full potential. All students are required to take one arts course in order to fulfill their graduation requirements and with a wide range of courses offered in visual arts, musical arts and dramatic arts, the possibilities are endless.


Business education provides students with the critical skills to manage their finances, learn to become smart consumers and gain the skills necessary to become the future leaders of tomorrow. Your future is OUR business.


Chaplaincy is “The action of the liberating Christ in the heart of the school community, through a set of well-thought-out and meaningful interventions accomplished within the Church.” (A Pastoral Letter from the Education Commission March 2009).

“School chaplaincy is a pastoral role carried out in an educational setting in a collaborative and cooperative manner in order to promote the spiritual and human development of the members of the Catholic school community.”

These converge on the four following points:

-that secondary school chaplaincy is exercised for the whole school community, students, and staff;

-that it seeks an increase in the Christian faith-life of all;

-that it is ecclesial in its nature and its goal:

-that it is shaped by the educational setting in which it is carried out.

Chaplaincy welcomes and supports all SBA students. It seeks to serve our school embracing its diverse culture, ethnic, and faith backgrounds while recognizing and celebrating God’s presence and activities within its diversity.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative education provides secondary school students with a wide range of rigorous learning opportunities connected to communities outside the school. It is designed  to recognize and respond to the diversity of Ontario’s student population, and it can  engage all students. In cooperative education, students learn in safe, culturally responsive environments in the community.

Cooperative Education allows students to earn secondary school credits while completing a work placement.

Experiential learning will provide students the opportunity to develop Christian values and practice proper ethics in the world of work.

Canadian World Studies

Have a look around our virtual classroom, each image is connected to a link that will help you explore the courses we offer, experiences provided to students and the many benefits of an education in CWS.


The SBA English Department is committed to helping all students see themselves in the literature they study, think critically about the world around them, and communicate their ideas clearly, logically, and effectively.

Health and Physical Education

Physical education provides students with the knowledge and skills required to lead healthy active lives beyond graduation and adapt in an ever changing world.


This website has been designed and created to enhance information pertinent to the St. Brother André CHS Mathematics Department. 

We support learning opportunities and initiatives that are designed to mentor our students in becoming the best versions of themselves as they unlock their potential to become creative and critical thinkers who integrate Catholic Values into their daily lives, as socially responsible global citizens.


This website provides information regarding the French department at St. Brother André CHS. You will be able to find information regarding the programs for both French Immersion and Core French programs and all that is offered when it comes to French as a Second Language Learning.


The google classroom platform has material used in each Grade level as well as the minutes from Religion Student council to keep staff informed about recent & future developments concerning Religion pedagogue.

Special Education

At St. Brother Andre CHS, we provide support and programming for students in grades 9-12 with various identifications and exceptionalities who are accessing a variety of programs, requiring varying degrees of support, with different program pathways in place. We believe that ALL students can learn with the appropriate challenges and accommodations or modifications in place to maximize opportunities for success. We work with classroom teachers to develop effective programming. We plan alongside Guidance Counselors to assist families with course selection and pathways planning. We consult with the school Administration to access the necessary support and resources for students. We welcome parental input in the development of student programming and goal-setting, with the needs of our students being at the heart of all decision-making.

This webpage is designed to be a central resource for parents and students in the St. Brother Andre community. As you navigate the various pages, please be aware that there are also documents available for you to download for your own reference.