Graduation Photos

Hello 2023 Graduates!

Capture this exciting time with Graduation Photos by FOCUS IMAGING INC.

We are coming to your school on December 1st.

Photo Session
Please bring $35.00.  Payment is by cash or cheque made payable to Focus Imaging Inc. (We cannot accept post-dated cheques.)

This Session includes the following: 

  • Your Graduation Photo session will include the photography session for up to 10 different posesOur photography sessions include gowns, flowers, diplomas, books, and Graduation caps.  Your images will be available online for viewing and ordering after all Graduates are photographed.  All ordering instructions will be communicated, via School Email, after all sessions have been completed. 

2)  An 11×14 Class Composite.  This Class Composite will be distributed at the 2023 Graduating Commencement.

*Please note, these images will also be provided for the Yearbook in addition to the 2023 Graduating Class Composite.  These products will be produced, subject to the approval of your school* All Graduates must be photographed to be included.*

* Free Session *

If you wish to be photographed for the Yearbook and Composite only, this service is free of charge. One pose only.

For Best Results, We Suggest:

A white or light-coloured collared blouse and pay special attention to your hair and nails.  If you are wearing a necklace, please make sure the closing clasp is to the back of your neck.

A dress shirt, preferably white, and a tie.  Pay special attention to your hair.  A clean shaven or well- kept beard work best.  Please make sure your tie covers the top button of your shirt.  

Please note:  We will have a mirror for you to check for any last- minute adjustments, however, we will no longer be providing shirts, blouses, or ties.

**********Your hair is your responsibility**********

*********Please come prepared, as hair will not be retouched*********

Very Important! 
Only the scheduled student will be allowed in the Photography Room.  This strict protocol will be followed.  We thank you for your patience and understanding in advance.

Please arrive 10 minutes early and ready!  Due to the limited time and number of Graduates,  we cannot accommodate any late arrivals.  If you cannot make your appointment or are late, please call 416.593.6287 or email


Please Do Not Enter if you have any Covid-19 symptoms.