16th Avenue Construction Project

Parents/guardians – please help us communicate a very important message to our students.  The practice of jaywalking across 16th Avenue and crossing the GO Train tracks is incredibly dangerous.  We have been reminding students to cross the street at the lights and to use the south sidewalk to walk to the Garden Basket Plaza and beyond.  We now need your help to do the same.  Bylaw and GO Train Officers may begin attending.

In addition, we realize the construction project is causing congestion in the morning and afternoon.  With this being said, we cannot have parents/guardians blocking busses from accessing the school or leaving the school.  Please avoid parking or standing along the east or west laneways.  Please also note, parked or standing cars cannot block bus access in the north parking lot.  As a suggestion, please use the neighbouring streets and have your child(ren) walk to the street location for pick-up.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.