Month: February 2022

Important Catholic School Council Information

The Livestream link for all CSC meetings will be posted on our school website.

Our second meeting will be held tomorrow, February 16, 2022 at 7:00 pm.  The livestream link for tomorrow’s meeting is:

All parents/guardians are invited to watch the evening’s proceedings.  Catholic School Council Meeting Minutes will be posted on our school ... Continue reading "Important Catholic School Council Information"

Important Attendance Information

Student attendance and care of our students are of critical importance to the York Catholic District School Board(YCDSB). The Secondary Student Absence Reporting System will make it easier for you to report your child’s absence and reduce the time it takes for staff to respond to unexplained first period student absences for in-person and remote learners. In order for this system to be successful, it ... Continue reading "Important Attendance Information"