Month: November 2020

It’s Report Card Time!!

Report cards were available for download electronically to all families on Monday, November 23, 2020. I encourage each family to take the time to review both the Learning Skills as well as the mark with your child. This is a perfect opportunity to work together and prepare for the next quadmester. Please join me in congratulating our students for their hard work! If you haven’t ... Continue reading "It’s Report Card Time!!"

SBA Presents Some Amazing Artistry!

Check out some of the amazing work our students have been creating this semester.  This is work from a few classes last quadmester.  We are very proud of our students participation and dedication to the Arts Program here at SBA!


Attention SBA Grade 12 Students

OUAC & OCAS First Mark Submission The first Mark Submission will be on November 20.  Please ensure all marks have been submitted prior to this date.

This submission will include final marks for Quad 1 courses.

OUAC Pin Codes have already been mailed out to student home addresses.  If you have any further Questions or Concerns, please contact the SBA Guidance Department at: ... Continue reading "Attention SBA Grade 12 Students"