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Exam Preparation

Dear Wonderful SBA Students! Studying is like exercising. When you exercise, your muscles grow stronger. Likewise, the process of searching through one’s memory and retrieving information strengthens the memory pathway so that you can build on that knowledge in the future. Like it or not, exams are a part of high school life and proper preparation can go a long way in reducing your stress ... Continue reading "Exam Preparation"

Big Hearts and Generosity Abound at SBA!

Thank you to staff and students for their support, and especially to the who raised $800 last year which went to provide hot meals, snacks and food packages to those families severely impacted from the disastrous floods in Peru. These photos have been forwarded to the school from from the children and families of  Altos de los Mores and Ayni. Feliz Navidad! ... Continue reading "Big Hearts and Generosity Abound at SBA!"