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Graduation 2018

All Grade 12 students would have received information regarding Graduation registration in their homeroom class on February 5, 2018. Any Grade 12 student with a Period 1 spare can come to the main office to retrieve their forms. Regardless of whether a student is attending the Graduation ceremony, all forms must be completed and returned to the Main Office by February ... Continue reading "Graduation 2018"

Guidance Services, Week of February 5-9

On Monday, February 5th, students will receive their Second Semester timetables in their Semester 2,  Period 1 homeroom. Homeroom lists have been posted in the Atrium and cafeteria for students.

Monday, February 5 -Thursday, February 8th, Guidance is closed for appointment during school hours. Students can come to the Guidance office before school until 8:20 or after school if there are “critical ... Continue reading "Guidance Services, Week of February 5-9"

SBA App Update

Many thanks to all the staff, students and parents who have downloaded the SBA App. It is the ideal way to stay connected to the SBA community and to stay in the loop with day to day events. To date, the SBA App has been downloaded 1379 times – 996 iOS devices and 383 Android devices. If you have not yet downloaded the app, click ... Continue reading "SBA App Update"

SBA’s Attendance Accountability Strategy

Congratulations on all of your work and for the support you gave to one-another first semester.

There is a very important issue that affects the learning environment at St. Brother André – student absences and late arrivals to class.  While the vast majority of our student body has excellent attendance and arrives to class on time, approximately 10 to 15 percent of our ... Continue reading "SBA’s Attendance Accountability Strategy"