Parents! Learn More about Google Read and Write

If you are interested in helping your son or daughter to improve their literacy skills using Google Read and Write, click here to register for register for a FREE webinar. The sessions are an hour, from 6-7pm, and will be run by TextHelp, the developer of Read and Write. The sessions are as follows:

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A Notice from the York Catholic District School Board

Dear Supporters of Catholic Education,

 In November, the Ontario Liberal Party launched their “Common Ground” website:

 This website invites the public to put forward proposals that address particular provincial needs and priorities. One of the current suggestions is a proposal for the amalgamation of all Ontario schools under ... Continue reading "A Notice from the York Catholic District School Board"

Black History is My History

York Regional Police are hosting a contest entitled “Black History is My History”.  Through a variety of optional art forms, students can enter the attached contest by making a submission that conveys what moments in Black history speak to them.  The deadline is January 19th.  For more information, visit
York Regional Police will accept individual submissions
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