AYNI – SBA Gives Back!

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Ayni is a small grassroots organization located in the coastal desert of Piura, Peru. “Ayni” means “Today for you, Tomorrow for Me”, and is based on the idea of reciprocity and having a sense of responsibility towards each other, especially when in need.

Ayni was founded in 2001 by St. Brother André CHS teacher Margie Orsi. Inspired by Catholic Social Justice values, in particular, “the preferential option for the poor”, the goals of Ayni are Poverty Elimination through Education and Development.

Brother André staff and students have been pivotal in helping to eliminate some of the barriers that children living in poverty face with regard to “access to education”. As a result of a decade of ongoing support from SBA, we have helped 100’s of children further their education. Ayni has seen a 90% increase in the number of children continuing their education simply because of the collective efforts of the annual “Change for Change” campaign. Homerooms have been offering up their pocket change to impact a positive change in the lives of children living in poverty by sending them to school.

Peruvian girl standing by a wall with "AYNI" painted on itThose pennies have been put to good use by supporting school scholarships for 100’s of children while providing annual school supplies for over 350 children at the elementary and high school level. It is because of this steadfast support that for the first time in the history of this rural poor village, that students are not only going on to high school, and graduating from high school, but are also now pursuing post secondary careers.

Thank you so much for helping to eliminate one of the barriers that children and families living in poverty face, and for providing hope by helping to break the systematic cycle of poverty.

Ayni is everything SBA! Dozens of dedicated former SBA students have travelled to Peru to volunteer with Ayni, and its founder Margie Orsi, is a Teacher and Pioneer Student of SBA as well. The St. Brother André Community, together with Ayni, have made social justice an integral part of our Catholic Commitment. On behalf of the Children in Peru, God Bless & Thank You for your Support!