Advanced Placement Program

Our Advanced Placement (AP) Program is an opportunity for highly-motivated, capable students to enroll in a challenging academic program.

The College Board of the United States sets the curriculum for the courses that are offered and administers the examinations in AP courses. Students enrolled in the AP courses which are offered in biology, chemistry, physics, calculus and english would study the curriculum set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education as well as the additional material in the AP curriculum. The Ontario credit would be granted based on the evaluation of the Ministry curriculum at that grade level. The extra work to complete the AP curriculum would be assessed using the AP scores of 1-5 and a maximum of 5% would be added to the student’s mark to recognize that they have completed their studies in more detail and in a shorter time period.

One of the advantages of the AP program is that it allows students to experience the rigour of a university level course while still at high school. In addition, at those universities that participate in the AP program, the AP credit may be recognized as a first year university credit, allowing the student to expand their options by choosing an alternative first year university credit, or to move into a second year course in that subject area.

Students in grades 9, 10 and 11 may enroll in PACE (Program for Academic and Creative Extension)/AP-Preparatory (AP-Prep) courses in science, mathematics, english, geography (grade 9), and history (grade 10). For grade 11 students, AP-Prep courses are available in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, english and history. These courses are designed to prepare student for the AP curriculum in grade 12.

For additional information about our PACE/AP program, please contact Mr.Christian Scenna, Vice Principal or Ms. Erin Butash, AP/Gifted Co-ordinator