AP Program Information

What is “AP”?

The AP or Advanced Placement program is administered by The College Board International. The same organization the runs SAT, MCAT, and LCAT testing for universities and medical schools.

The AP program provides an opportunity for students to take rigorous university-preparation courses while still in high school. In most schools, students take an AP class in Grade 12 only, and learn both the regular high school curriculum and the first-year university curriculum, all in one course. As a result, it is common in these schools for students to put in a lot of extra classroom time after school and on weekends to complete the entire AP curriculum.

In York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) schools, we spread out the AP curriculum over four years of classes, to lessen the load in the final year. As a result, our students cover the curriculum for grades 9-12 plus first-year university by the end of grade 12. That is, they will cover five years worth of material spread out over a four-year period.

Enrollment in the AP program is a major commitment in terms of time and extra work. Students taking AP classes must have the desire and motivation for the program, and being an “honour roll” student is not always enough.

Frequently Asked Questions