AP Courses

Pre-AP and AP courses include the complete Academic (grades 9 & 10) and University-Prep (grades 11 & 12) curriculum, plus additional curriculum extensions designed to:

  • Develop learning skills required for success in university studies.
  • Nurture intellectual curiosity and creativity amongst like-minded learners.
  • Prepare students for writing the AP exams if desired.

What are Curriculum Extensions?

This term is used to describe the additional content and activities in Pre-AP and AP courses to provide increased depth and breadth beyond the “regular” curriculum. Increased breadth is provided by drawing from the next grade-level course or from the AP curriculum in that subject area. Increased depth involves providing opportunities for further skills development as issues are explored deeper, from a global perspective.

How are Pre-AP and AP courses evaluated?

Pre-AP and AP course assignments, tests and exams reflect both the “regular” course material and the content of the AP extensions. To reflect the increased depth and breadth of the courses, students may earn up to an additional 5% for successful completion of the curriculum extensions.